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What could be better than whistling in the kitchen to prepare the most beautiful dishes? You need our perfect pans for that, but certainly also our top quality accessories. All our pans do not have a synthetic non-stick coating. Instead, we seasoned them with natural oil. Not only do you make the tastiest dishes, your food is also healthy. By using your pan a lot, you strengthen the non-stick coating, but it is also super smart to burn it in again every now and then. So: if you buy a Skottsberg, take a nice bottle of 100% pure natural oil with it. Skottsberg Seasoning oil is a natural oil to season cast iron and sheet steel pans without a synthetic or enamel non-stick coating. By seasoning the pans with this oil, you create a natural non-stick layer in your pan.

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Product Notes

  • 100% Sustainable Natural pure oil
  • Burning creates a natural non-stick coating
  • Natural oil to season cast iron and sheet steel pans without a synthetic or enamel non-stick coating.
  • Food safe
  • Creates a natural non-stick layer in your pan.
  • Easily restores Patina layer in pans when damaged
  • Smooth, non-stick properties
  • Natural barrier between air and bare iron, preventing rust

Product Care

  • Seasoning your pan can create the patina layer by applying a thin layer of Skottsberg seasoning oil to the pan, and then heating it until the pan starts to smoke.
  • Exposure to high temperatures causes long chains of fat molecules to break down into short-chain polymers that bind with naturally produced carbon and tin-coloured iron, forming a layer similar to a glaze.
  • Highly recommended that you season the pan again yourself before using it for the first time. Please read the instructions attached to the pan carefully for information on how to do this.

Additional Notes

What is a patina layer?

Ingredients no longer stick to the pan

The patina layer that forms after the pan has been baked in has smooth, non-stick properties that are comparable to a synthetic non-stick coating, such as Teflon. It also forms a natural barrier between the air and the bare iron in your pan, acting as the first line of defence against rust.

Easily repair the non-stick coating yourself

This so-called patina layer develops automatically during frequent baking in the pan and you accelerate this process by pre-burning the pan yourself. If the patina layer is damaged, you can easily restore it yourself by burning the pan again.

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