Limited Warranty Policy

  • We are under a legal duty to supply products that conform to the South African Consumer Protection Act, and as such all products supplied by us will comply with these regulations. Each individual product on the website will have a limited warranty period specified, meeting or surpassing the minimum requirements of the act.
  • The limited warranty period for each product covers factory imperfections, defects, or faults.
  • LegendOnline. reserves the right to inspect the affected product prior to a credit being passed.
  • All instructions should be read prior to the use of the product.
    The following will not be regarded as factory imperfections, defects, or faults and will not entitle you to a refund or replacement under the limited warranty:
    • faults resulting from normal wear and tear;
    • damage arising from negligence, user abuse or incorrect usage of the product;
    • damage arising from electrical surges or sea air corrosion;
    • damage arising from a failure to adequately care for the product;
    • damage arising from unauthorized alterations to the product.