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You have pans and you have pans. And now this is a real pan. Get rid of the nonsense in the kitchen: you’re going to release the cooking viking in yourself. Pure and genuine! Nature! Wilderness! Because that’s what you have, a pan. And what a pan it is! That is all you have. Your life has been reduced to the essence: wading through the river until you have a fish in your hands. That is survival. You and your pan. You’re a hunter-gatherer, but with a great pan. The best cast iron pan that lasts a lifetime! Highly suited to frying fish, meat, potatoes, pancakes, or wraps as well as making a delicious paella or toastie.

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Product Notes

  • 28cm Cast Iron Frying Pan with Stainless Steel Handle
  • Healthy alternative to synthetic non-stick cookware
  • Durable, Sustainable, Energy-efficient, Guarantees a lifetime of cooking pleasure.
  • Pre-seasoned, ready for use directly after purchase
  • Features a single casting of wear-resistant melted iron ore
  • Oven safe up to 250ºC
  • Suitable for Gas, electric, ceramic, induction hob, and open fire.
  • Even distribution of heat
  • Radiant heat, a large piece if meat is cooked more beautifully in traditional cast iron.
  • Can withstand high temperatures which is ideal for searing meat.
  • Metal utensils or tools can be used in the pan
  • Hollow handle which heats up slowly allowing for easy gripping
  • Lightweight; lighter than normal cast iron.
  • Polyfluorinated Substances (PFAS) and Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) Free
  • Scratch and Rust Resistant
  • Highly suited for frying, searing meat & fish, grilling vegetables or making the ultimate toastie
  • Strong, Robust, Sturdy and indestructible

Product Care

  • Only suitable for hand washing.
  • Never store damp. Ensure pan is fully dry before storing to avoid rust.
  • After cooking, let the pan cool down.
  • Do not immediately rinse the hot pan under or in cold water. Doing this would cause a thermal shock and may crack the pan.
  • When the pan has cooled down sufficiently, clean it with warm water and a washing-up brush or non-scratch scouring sponge.
  • Use no detergent or only a small amount, as this is extremely acidic and damages the patina layer (natural non-stick coating) and can also cause rusting.
  • When you first own the pan, this patina layer is not quite as strong yet.
  • NEVER put the pan in the dishwasher!
  • If the above steps do not have the desired effect, you can bring the pan to the boil with a small amount of water.
  • Then, leave the pan to cool for a while before removing the residue with a dishwashing brush or the Skottsberg Chainmail Cleaner.
  • After cleaning, grease the pan with a very thin layer of Skottsberg seasoning oil and wipe with a paper towel. This helps to prevent rust. Afterwards, store the pan in a dry place.

Additional Notes

Improve the protective layer of your pan by burning it.

To prevent food from sticking to the bottom of the pan, it is important that you go through the following steps. Before you start cooking, take the ingredients out of the fridge so that they can reach room temperature. Place the grill pan on the heat source. Heat the pan up slowly on a low heat and add oil or butter to the ingredient to be grilled, rather than adding oil or butter to the pan. It takes a few minutes to warm up. When using the pan for the first time, make sure you use a bit more oil or butter than normal to prevent protein-rich or other food from quickly sticking to the pan. Pat your ingredients dry to remove as much moisture as possible before sprinkling them with oil. When ingredients lightly stick to the bottom of the pan, leave them to cook gently without trying to separate them from the bottom of the pan. You can also slightly reduce the cooking heat and wait until the food no longer sticks to the bottom of the pan.

What is a patina layer?

Skottsberg cast iron pans are pre-seasoned, only with natural oil. This creates a natural non-stick coating. This patina layer is created by applying a thin layer of Skottsberg seasoning oil to the pan, and then heating it until the pan starts to smoke. This seasoning oil can be bought separately and is the best way to season Skottsberg pans. Exposure to high temperatures causes long chains of fat molecules to break down into short-chain polymers that bind with naturally produced carbon and tin-coloured iron, forming a layer similar to a glaze. This is the patina layer that forms after these pans are seasoned, and it has smooth, non-stick properties that are comparable to a synthetic non-stick coating. It also forms a natural barrier between the air and the bare iron in your pan and acts as the first line of defence against rust. We highly recommend that you season the pan again yourself before using it for the first time. Please read the instructions attached to the pan carefully for information on how to do this.

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  1. Ilze (verified owner)

    Loving every second using this pan. Flapjacks/ pancakes does not evn stick to it.

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