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Tung oil, also known as ‘Chinese wood oil’, is made from the seeds of the Tung tree and was used in Asia for – among other things – finishing wooden ships, as the oil makes the wood water repellent. Today, Tung oil is used to protect wooden worktops, floors, furniture, and our Skottsberg wooden serving and cutting boards.

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Product Notes

  • 100% natural, sustainable pure wood oil
  • Food safe and water repellent after drying.
  • The best natural finish for wood that exists.
  • Tung oil makes wood darker, livelier, and gives it a beautiful silky gloss.

Product Care

  • Lightly sand the surface, make it completely dust-free and rub the Tung oil onto the board with a lint-free cloth.
  • After about fifteen minutes, remove the excess oil and repeat this again after an hour.
  • The board will need between a few hours to a maximum of a day to dry completely.
  • When the board no longer feels sticky, you can apply the next layer or start using the serving board again.
  • Tung oil is best stored in a dark place and make sure to always close the bottle tightly. Oxygen causes the oil to dry out.
  • Store cloths containing Tung Oil in a sealed container with water, or first spread out the cloths and let them dry.
  • Not suitable for human consumption

Additional Notes

The Skottsberg Tung Wood Oil pairs perfectly with the Skottsberg Longan Serving Boards.

Tung oil is a drying oil that soaks into the wood. Tung oil does not discolour the wood, is food safe, and is water repellent after drying. That makes Tung oil the best natural finish in existence for wood. It makes your wood livelier and gives it a very nice matt to silky gloss finish.

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