Skottsberg Chainmail cleaner 14x14cm


The Skottsberg chain mail cleaner, made of stainless steel, is ideal for cleaning your cast iron and  carbon steel pans. Easy remove any caked-on food residues  and the avoid any damage to your pan and it’s patina layer.

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Product Notes

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Stainless Steel
  • Ideal for cleaning cast iron and carbon steel pans
  • Removes left over food residues
  • Chainmain cleaner does not impact the pan or patina layer
  • Fitted with a handy hanging ring

Product Care

  • Dishwasher Safe

Additional Notes

After cooking, let the pan cool down. Make sure your hot pan is not placed directly under or in cold water. This causes a thermal shock and can cause cracking. When the pan has cooled down sufficiently, clean it with warm water and a dishwashing brush or scratch-free scouring pad. Use as little detergent as possible as this often contains acid that can damage the patina layer, or cause rusting. Especially if you haven’t had the pan very long and this layer is not yet that strong. NEVER put the pan in the dishwasher!

Should the above not have the fully desired effect, you can bring the pan to the boil with a small layer of water. Let it cool for a moment and remove the residue with the special Skottsberg scrub mat.

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