Legend Spare 4 Cup Cafetiere Plunger/Mesh


Enjoy the full rounded flavours of coffee or tea in the Legend Stainless Steel Cafetiere which enhances the flavour as it brews. The cafetiere has an easy press plunger/filter that allows you to filter coffee granules and tea leaves.

The Legend Stainless Steel Cafetiere is double walled which will retain the heat and keep your coffee/tea warm.

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Product Notes

  • Easy press plunger filter and pouring spout

Product Care

  • Low to medium heat recommended
  • Avoid harsh cleaning abrasive products
  • Dry thoroughly before storing

Additional Notes

Brewing Tips

Choosing the right coffee beans:

  • Choose a coffee bean you’d like to use. Decide on how rich a flavour you want. Each roast differs, and typically dark roasted beans are known for their deep, full flavour. Light roasts are a little less bitter tasting and have swetter undertones.
  • Make sure your beans are a coarse ground. This means that instead of being the consistency of a powder, your coffee beans will be closer to the consistency of sand.
  • No matter what method of coffee brewing you use, it is imperative that you always use fresh beans.

Brewing coffee with the cafetiere:

  • It is important that you always grind your coffee right before you brew it to get the best flavour and to prolong how long it lasts before going stale. If you want to make one cup of coffee, then you need to grind enough for one heaped tablespoon of grounds, continuing to add additional tablespoons of grounds for more cups of coffee.
  • While you are grinding your coffee, begin boiling your water. The perfect temperature for cafetiere coffee is from 91-93ºC.

Put the coffee in the cafetiere:

  • Open the lid of the cafetiere and remove the plunger/filter. Pour the desired amount of coffee grounds into the bottom of the cafetiere, and pour your boiling water into the cafetiere. Add one cup of boiling water for each cup of coffee you desire.
  • Secure the filter above the water level with the lid on the cafetiere.
  • Leave the cafetiere with the plunger/filter up so that the grounds can continue to interact with the hot water. You can set a timer to make sure you allow it to brew for the right amount of time (3-4 minutes).
  • Once the time is up, press down the plunger/filter to separate the grinds from the water and be sure to press down at a slow and steady pace to avoid mixing up the grounds. Finish by pouring the brewed coffee into your favourite mug.

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