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Tackle the toughest, set-in stains with the power of HydroSteam™ Technology. The BISSELL SpotClean Hydrosteam™ portable deep cleaner removes the toughest of stuck-on, sticky messes and lingering odours. This machine can clean across multiple surfaces, like carpets, area rugs, upholstery, car interiors, curtains, tile grout and even trainers thanks to the combination of steam vapor, water & specially formulated BISSELL cleaning solution in combination with a powerful 1000W suction. Such versatility in cleaning is made possible by the three different cleaning modes ‘Steam only’, ‘Wash’ and ‘ SteamWash™’ as well as multiple attachments. A multi-surface tool helps tackle sticky messes on hard surfaces as well as clean grout in kitchens and bathrooms. Detachable wheels make moving the machine easy while cleaning. The HydroRinse™ Self-Cleaning Tool provide convenient after-use cleaning.

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Product Notes

  • The power of Hydrosteam Technology with 3 cleaning modes help to tackle the toughest messes
  • Up to 50% better cleaning with the power of Hydrosteam technology
  • Multi-surface cleaning versatility
  • Cleans up to 50% more effectively and remove the most stubborn adhesive residues and grease stains
  • Triple Action™ cleaning: Steam, scrub and vacuum away dirt and stains
  • Quick Drying: Dries upholstery in approximately 30 minutes on Steam Only mode
  • Two tank system: two separate tanks for clean and dirty water.
  • Removable tanks for easy filling and emptying.
  • Always clean with fresh water and formula.
  • Clean across multiple surfaces such as carpet, upholstery, stairs, tile grout, kitchens, bathrooms and more with the multi-surface tough stain tools.
  • Eliminates Odours and Refreshes any surfaces
  • Steam ready in 30 seconds, easily freshen up curtains and trainers with HydroSteam™ Technology.
  • Easy Self Cleaning Function with the HydroRinse Tool

Product Care

  • Refer to User Guide & Safety Instructions Included
  • Using Your Machine: Note: This appliance is primarily a portable carpet cleaner with a steam-cleaning attachment.
    • 1. Release hose by pulling away from hose clip.
    • 2. Attach desired tool to hose grip until it clicks.
    • 3. Twist Quick Release Cord Wrap to remove cord. Plug cord into outlet.
    • 4. Select cleaning mode to turn machine ON. Turn dial to( O ) position to turn OFF.
    • 5. If choosing a mode with steam, wait 30 seconds for steam light to illuminate.
    • 6. Press and hold trigger over sink or bowl to prime the machine until steam is present.
    • 7. Point tool above stain. Firmly press and hold trigger.
    • 8.Release trigger bristles to scrub area.
    • 9. To remove stain, release trigger and make “”dry passes””. Firmly apply downward pressure and move tool slowly toward you until water can no longer be seen in nozzle.
  • Note: In Steam Mode, SteamWash™ Max Clean Mode, it is normal for some liquid to dispense during initial steam usage and after longer durations without using steam. The longer the trigger is pressed down, the more consistent the steam is. During periods without using steam, excess water may build up and dispense upon holding the trigger again. During these instances, continue to hold the trigger for 5-10 seconds until steam comes out
  • Emptying dirty water tank: Unplug from electrical socket when not in use and before cleaning, maintaining or servicing the appliance.
    • 1. Empty dirty water tank when water reaches “”MAX”” line. Do not let water overfill.
    • 2. Remove dirty water tank and carry to a disposal area.
    • 3. Holding dirty tank from bottom, unlock and remove lid by rotating handle backward.
    • 4. Pour out dirty water. Rinse out tank to remove any debris.
    • 5. Align lid and rotate handle forward to lock into place.
    • 6. Place dirty water tank back onto machine.
  • Cleaning and Storing Your Machine:
    • 1. Be sure to empty dirty water tank after use (see above).
    • 2. Clean hose with HydroRinse™ Self-Cleaning Hose Tool: Attach tool to end of hose grip until it clicks. Turn dial to SteamWash™ Max Clean Mode. With hose upright and machine ON, press HydroRinse trigger 30 seconds. Hose Cleaning Alternative: Suction clean water from bowl (or bucket). Lift and stretch hose until all water is cleared. Do not suction >94 L water.
    • 3. Power OFF and unplug machine. Lift latch on clear nozzle to remove. Rinse and wipe away any debris from steam nozzle.
    • 4. Wrap hose for storage. Store indoors in a secure, dry location

Additional Notes

Product Specifications 

  • Power Source: Corded
  • Power (WATT): 1000 watts
  • Noise Level: 73 db
  • Cleaning Path Width: 15cm
  • Clean Tank: 1.9lt
  • Dirty Tank: 1.5lt
  • Surface Type: Carpet and area rugs, Upholstery, stairs and car, Tiles
  • Cord Length: 4.5m
  • Hose Length: 1.5m

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