LocknLock 400ml Stainless Steel Container


Ah, leftovers… sometimes better than the real deal. A cold slice of pizza the morning after a night out, yesterday’s roast potatoes for today’s lunch or a bit of salad that you felt didn’t deserve to be thrown away – all kept fresh in the fridge for future consumption. A container is one of those funny little things you only realise you can’t live without when you don’t have one – cling wrap and tin foil doesn’t always suffice. With a container by your side, the world is your oyster! Take your food to work if you like, pre-make your meals for the week, go camping, go crazy!

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Product Notes

  • Hygienic, air and liquid tight
  • Hollow cylindrical silicone seal
  • Premium Stainless steel for odourless, tasteless stowing of food
  • Durable four-sided locking mechanism
  • Compact reusable and versatile storage
  • Bisphenol-A (BPA) free plastic
  • Dishwasher, fridge, and freezer safe

Product Care

  • Keep the lid away from fire.
  • Not to be used in the oven or under the grill.
  • Not microwave-safe.
  • Remove all labels and wash the container before first use.
  • Do not use harsh dishwashing cleaners or scrubbers.
  • Dry thoroughly before storing.


Storage Tips

  • To prevent food spoilage, label and date your containers, placing newer items at the back and rotating containers accordingly.
  • To keep produce fresh longer, store fruits and vegetables separately, as some release ethylene gas that can accelerate spoilage in others.

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