BISSELL CW Vacuum Filter


Replacement vacuum filter for the Bissell CrossWave series. To keep your Bissell CrossWave operating at its best, you should clean and check the filter regularly. Properly maintained filters help to reduce the reintroduction of dust, pollen and other allergens into the air.

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Product Notes

  • Replacement vacuum filter for the Bissell CrossWave series.
  • Easy to insert, and replace
  • Suitable for Bissell Models: 1713, 2765N

Product Care

  • Refer to the user guide instructions on how to replace the filter
  • Depending on use replace your filter every 6 months for optimal performance
    To Clean Filter:

    • 1. Remove the filter from the dirty water tank by pulling it up.
    • 2. Hand rinse clean any debris from the vacuum filter using warm water. Make sure the filter is thoroughly dry before replacing in unit.
    • 3. Replace the vacuum filter back into the top of dirty water tank.

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